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KBA Performa 74 conventional offset machine 

The basic printer. It's a conventional paper-printing machine. 

The print speed is 15,000 sheets per hour. It contains 5 aggregates. The machine's format is  500 x 700 mm.

Main advantages

  • High load/capacity printing
  • High print quality
  • Currently the most widely used printing method 

Suitable for printing



KBA Genius 52 UVOffset UV machine

This machine makes use of dry UV offset technology. It can print non-resilient materials in high resolution. It contains 5 aggregates.  The machine's format is  520 x 360 mm.
After printing, the materials are immediately ready for further processing. This is ecological printing for medium and high costs. We use the 5 aggregates to make products more efficient. 
We print in silver and gold colours, also with a UV finish and other special colours suitable for this printer. 

Main advantages

  • No moisture - higher passage accuracy
  • Higher colour richness - black is black
  • Wider gamut
  • Lower macula about 15 sheets
  • Printing materials to a thickness of 0.8 mm 

Suitable for printing


Agfa Anapurna 2050i Large-format digital UV machine

The speed and quality of this machine brings productivity that is key to us. It works with high precision spot positions, has an improved curing system and highly efficient printheads. 
It is a robust print system that allows you to work with roll materials, as well as board materials up to 4.5 cm in thickness. Maximum print capacity is up to 205 cm. The machine uses a system with seven special UV curable inks. In addition to the CMYKLcLm Inkjet Ink Cartridge, it is possible to print both printheads with a white colour that greatly enhances the use of the printing system. The system uses Asanti RIP. 

Main advantages

  • Printing from 1 pc
  • Printing of various materials (paper, plastic, wood, glass and others)
  • Print to a thickness of 4.5 cm
  • Printing slab or sheet materials with a size of 205 x 305 cm
  • 7 printing modes (max. quality 720 x 1440 dpi) 

Suitable for printing


Epson 9880 PROLarge-format digital waterbase machine

This large-format digital machine offers high-quality, high-resolution graphics thanks to its water-based inks.
This machine works with water based paint. It uses 6 colours of CMYKLcLm for printing materials. It favours using photos to print photos. With high quality papers from Hanemühle, it has achieved exclusive results. 

Main advantages

  • Print resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi
  • Sharp contours
  • Wide gamut

Suitable for printing

Canvas screens - painting 
Roll up with high resolution

Xerox Phaser 7800Digital sheet machine

This is an ideal, creative and professional helper for printing business cards, wedding announcements and invitations.
This is a professional graphic colour printer. It is designed for environments with increased demands on print quality, colour management and productivity. The maximum media size is SRA3, including support for "banner" formats up to 1,200 mm in length. The advantage of the Phaser 7800 is, in addition to the print quality and productivity mentioned above, the ability to print on very high-grain paper. The standard configuration prints paper up to a grain of 350 g/m2, and automatic double-sided printing up to 250 g/m2. It works with powdered inks. 


Main advantages

  • Low cost printing products
  • Print selected structured media - creative papers
  • Delivery date 

Suitable for printing



Ricoh Aficio SG 3110DN GelSprinter Color Printer sublimation set

Full colour sublimation printing for textiles is the highest quality and brilliant printing thanks to the sublimation of special colours that penetrate the pores of the material. This creates a continuous area of colour, which is an advantage for stretch fabrics, where the material becomes discoloured when stretched. Compared to other technology this printing is incomparable when it comes to colour, durability and resistance. 

Sublimation set uses colour transfer technology from one medium to the other. Subsequently, the colour is dried or cured by another device. This is an ideal solution for pleasing loved ones. 

Main advantages

  • Production from 1 pc
  • Speed of production
  • Life-like colours

Suitable for printing


Konsberg XN44 Cutting and milling machine

This cutting and milling table from the company Esko is a high-quality productive piece of equipment, which, with the help of various tools can cut, carve, mill, and finish a wide range of materials. 

In Bratislava, we are currently the first to have this model, which is fitted with the MultiCut HP (high power) toolhead. This toolhead features, in addition to standard cutting and score cutting tools, a milling cutter with power up to 3 kW. With ArtiosCAD, we are able to generate not only FEFCO and ECAMA standards, but also custom pop designs in 2D and 3D models.    
The cut path and I-cut marks are generated directly from Asanti RIP, ensuring the accuracy and exactness of the alignment of graphics with the structural design. The maximum speed is 50 m / min, the maximum dimension is 2270x3575 mm and the maximum height of the material is 50mm. 

Main advantages

  • Cutting, milling of small loads
  • High precision for details
  • Milling of wood, aluminium plates, plexiglass
  • Cutting of plastics, paper, paste-board, stickers 




Kala 1650 Laminating machine

Kala Mistral 1650 is one of the best laminating machines in Europe. In 2015 SGIA was awarded the highest prize in the category of laminating machines. Provides good results for both lamination and adhesive-lamination. The film for lamination is heated to 30-60 ° C by the roller to improve polymerization on the substrate. 
This special machine uses laminate to protect materials. The machine can also be used for adhesive-laminating. The lamination width is 1600 mm. The materials for lamination are: matt, glossy, structured laminate, and other special ones such as holographic. 

Main advantages

  • Laminating and adhesive-laminating
  • Double-sided lamination
  • Possibility to laminate to a thickness of 4.5 cm 



Label drop E35 + poly mix c80 Resin set

We offer resin stickers with a 3D effect. The layer of resin both protects and enhances the graphics.

The resin set consists of a polyurethane resin mixer POLY MIX C80 and a semi-automatic pneumatic dispenser LABEL DROP E35. Using these two devices, the resin is applied to the materials. We create more effective so-called resin stickers that are then glued to gift items, brochures, or conference name tags. The resin is mostly clear in colour, but different glitters are also available. 


Perfecta 92 TS Cutting machine

Each paper, each material that comes into the printer, must be formatted before entering the printer. For this purpose, a fast-cutting machine is used. 

Today, the cutter is equipped with software which helps us to program automatic cutting for example of business cards. In our case, the cutting width is 92 cm. The height of the stack that can be cut at one time is 12 cm. It's memory can store 100 orders. The cutter is equipped with control sensors to avoid injury. On the sides there are pneumatic tables for easier handling of the material. 



Horizont AFC-566F Folding machine

For storing in a desired format we use the Horizon AFC-566F. We enfold a wide variety of package leaflets, folders, inserts, catalogues, and brochures. 

Horizont AFC-566F folder is a fully automated folding machine with 6 pockets, 1 knife and 2 pockets under the knife. It is used to fold paper. The memory contains 17 predefined break-points. Repeated orders can be stored in the internal memory. The spread paper size is 55 x 85 cm. As an option, we use grooving and perforation wheels in the machine. The maximum folding speed is up to 42,000 A4-sized leaflets per hour.  



Horizont SPF-200A + FC-200A Binding V1

The V1 is one of the most common types of binding machines, while at the same time also one of the simplest. The individual pages are folded and sewn together. 

V1 Horizontal Binding Machine SPF-200A / FC-200A is equipped with a colour touch screen for easy operation. Changing the gaps between the folding is done automatically. In order to produce perfect brochures, the machine is equipped with an installed container for defective parts which have been ejected and a manual feed compartment. We have two towers available, which allows for an 80 page brochure + hand loaded cover. As an option, we can use eyelets. The towers themselves are used to fold V2 binding components. The memory assists with repeated orders, which speeds up our preparation. Maximum sewing speed is up to 4,000 pieces of A4 brochure format per hour. 


ECO S 360 A ERW Spiral binding machine

Binding machine for metal bindings 2:1 and a binding machine for metal bindings 3:1.

Spiral binding machine are used for small and medium-sized loads such as for conference brochures, blocks, as well as table and hanging calendars. We have two proportional hole spacing available for brochures with both fewer pages and even ones with a larger number of pages. The strong and stable metal construction of the binding device is made with electric perforation and manual closure. At the same time, it punches holes in up to 22 sheets of 80 g A4 paper. It binds up to 135 sheets of 80 g paper (5.5 to 16 mm diameter). Binding speed depends on the skill of the worker.  


KAS Creasematic Auto50 Grooving machine

Creasing is the process of creating grooves on thick paper which mark the place where the paper will be folded (or bent). 
This is a powerful automatic machine for for creasing and perforating. The display makes set up easy. The size of the spread out  paper is 50 x 70 cm. Paper weight can be up to 350 gr. The advantage is that, in one pass, it can make up to 28 grooves at a speed of 7,000 sheets per hour.  
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